St’at’imc language with Kaya

This project is made possible by an amazing grant from the First People’s Culture Council. As an independent 3D artist, I am doing this project completely on my own, which means 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, voice overs, St’at’imc translation, rendering, and compositing.

About this project

I would like to teach the St’at’imc language to young children. This will be the first episode of many. Eventually I would like to do episodes that teach the names of animals, the names of family members, numbers, common phrases, and more.

My character

I’ve decided to name my character Kaya, which means eldest sister wise beyond her years. I wanted to go for a Dora the Explorer type show, so children would relate and be able to repeat the words that she is teaching.

K̓alhwá7acw – Hello (to one person)
K̓alhwá7alap Nsnek̓wnúwa7 – Hello friends and family
K̓alhwá7al̓ap – Hello (to more than one person)

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