A proud St’at’imc woman named Frankie McDonald

A recent graduate from Emily Carr University, Frankie is an artist of two BC nations – St’at’imc Nation on her father’s side and Sto:lo Nation on her mother’s side. During her studies Frankie’s focus was in 3D Animation where the nature of her work has been exploring different ways of telling aboriginal stories and bringing awareness to environmental issues through animation. She has been the recipient of multiple funding awards including the St’at’imc scholarship, the Indspire Bursary, the Irving K. Barber award, the ECU Aboriginal Award Bursary, and the National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund Award. In 2021 she was awarded the First People’s Cultural Council grant to create 3D animations to teach the St’at’imc language to young children. This is a project she is truly passionate about, and hope to gain more funding to create more episodes.


3D Modeling

I am very interested in 3D modelling and texturing. Throughout my education I have wanted to create unique objects and characters. I also have experience rigging objects and characters.

Lighting and Rendering

This past year I have learned more about lighting and how that intertwines with rendering. I really enjoyed doing the festival lighting in my film “Shroomville”. I also thought it was interesting to do the underwater lighting for my most recent film “Lawa7”.

3D Animation

I have experience animating biped characters as well as fish. In the odd cases, I have also animated a dip net and more.


I have been quite interested in telling aboriginal stories and integrating the St’at’imc language into my stories.

Film Experience

Lawa7 (2020)


Lawa7 is about is girl named Nahani who tries to fish down at the river. When she is unsuccessful she is met by a samon name Lawa7 who turns her into a salmon and takes her on a journey through the river.

  • This film calls attention to the salmon crisis, environmental issues, and includes many aspects of my aboriginal culture.
  • Working on this project completely solo taught me the importance of time management, multi-tasking, and that feedback and critiques were very important.

Shroomville (2019)


Resume CV Template

  • For this music video/short film, I was working solo which meant I did story development, modelling, character design and animation, lighting and rendering and editing in after effects.
  • I wanted to experiment with music and visual effects and combine them with some motion graphic work I was doing.

Supercops (2018)


Resume CV Template

  • This is a short video done in collaboration with the Vancouver Police Department and City Studios. Myself and a 2D animation student were asked to create a film to show what the new 529 app does and get people interested in joining.
  • I was in charge of modelling the 3D environments, texturing, lighting, rendering, and compositing myself and my partners assets together. I was able to collaborate with a 2D animator and seamlessly edit our medias together.
  • Teamwork and taking feedback and applying them every week was key to the success in this project.

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