3D Work

Lawa7 (2020)

Lawa7 is a film about an eager young woman who goes down the to the river to fish, when her net comes up empty over and over again, a magical salmon named Lawa7 turns her into a salmon and takes her on a journey through the river.

This film was my own way of bringing awareness to environmental issues such as the wild salmon crisis and the damage that fish farms cause, garbage in the rivers and oceans, and the effects of pipelines. I wanted to do this with all indigenous artwork because wild salmon are so important to indigenous people.

Nahani is a character I based off of my late Gramma, Ethel Gardner. As someone who advocated for the wild salmon as much as possible, I only thought it was fitting.

Shroomville (2019)

Shroomville is a short/ music video style film about a boy who went to a music festival and decided to take magic mushrooms. The character Todd finds himself in a new mushroom world and he has turned into a mushroom! Todd explores this new land and we are taken on a trip of a lifetime.

529 Supercops (2018)

Demo Reel

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